Eureka – 1550 nm, GHz Repetition Rate Picosecond Benchtop Fiber Laser (PSL)

Eureka Picosecond Laser

The Eureka benchtop (PSL-1) series is a range of actively mode-locked ultrafast fiber lasers that offer very stable 1550 nm picosecond pulses at GHz repetition rates.

With a portable design, the Eureka series offers user-friendly front panel control knobs for adjustment of the output power, wavelength, pulse width, and laser repetition rate. This C-band series of picosecond optical sources is ideal for telecommunications test and measurement applications.

The systems use an actively mode-locked fiber laser with a tunable repetition rate ranging from 0.6 to 40 GHz to provide a stable and reliable optical clock with turnkey operation. Different synchronization signals are available through a front panel RF output and an optical monitor port. As with the Mendocino series, optical output is provided through a convenient fiber pigtail with a standard FC/APC connection.

Product Wavelength (nm) Pulse width1 (ps) Avg. Power (mW) Tunable Rep Rate (GHz)
PSL-1T 1530 - 1565 2 - 10 > 20 at 2.5 GHz 0.6 - 2.5
PSL-10-TT 1530 - 1565 1.5 - 10 ps > 20 at 10 GHz 5 - 20
PSL-40-TT 1530 - 1565 0.8 - 5 > 20 at 40 Ghz 20 - 40

1 A sech2 pulse shape (deconvolution factor of 0.65) is used to determine the pulse width from the second harmonic autocorrelation trace.

(Due to our continuous improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice).

Key Eureka Applications Include:

  • Optical clock for 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 GHz OTDM
  • Spectral comb
  • Transmission network characterization
  • High speed O/E conversion
  • Quantum computing
  • Optical metrology
  • High speed analog to digital conversion
  • Optical sampling

Coronado: Compact erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, available as both benchtop systems (AMP) and OEM modules (AMP-M) amplifiers that provide broadband gain over the C-band (1530 to 1565 nm).

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