Cazadero – High Pulse Energy Fiber Based Femtosecond Laser (FLCPA)

Cazadero Femtosecond Laser

The Cazadero series (FLCPA) is a unique fiber laser chirped pulse amplification system that offers pulse energies up to 3 µJ and pulse widths of less 500 fs at 1550 nm in a robust industrial package. It is the perfect source for two-photon integrated circuit testing, multiphoton microscopy studies, micro-machining and a host of other applications.

The system features a hands-off laser head and a rack mountable controller, which facilitate its incorporation into OEM designs and afford convenient access to high peak power optical pulses. A simple key switch interface provides for manual operation with full remote access through computer control. The system includes the capability of remote data logging, power monitoring and system diagnostics for OEM service support.

Model Number FLCPA-01C FLCPA-02C
Pulse Width1 (ps)
Central Wavelength (nm)
Average Power (W)
up to 3
up to 2
Repetition Rate (MHz)
Switchable between 0.67, 1, 2, 4, 6 and 12.5
Pulse Energy (µJ)
1.5 µJ @ 2 MHz
3 µJ @ 0.67 MHz
Polarization Extinction Ratio
> 20
Output Beam Diameter (mm)
3.0 ± 0.3
Operating Temp (°C)
18 ~ 30
Operating Voltage (VAC)
85 ~ 264

1 A sech2 pulse shape (deconvolution factor of 0.65) is used to determine the pulse width from the second harmonic autocorrelation trace.

*Due to recent supply chain issues, this product is currently unavailable. Please contact the factory for more information.

(Due to our continuous improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice).

Key Cazadero Applications Include:

  • Two-photon integrated circuit testing
  • Optical-beam-induced current microscopy
  • Bioimaging
  • Nonlinear optical studies
  • Optical metrology
  • Terahertz radiation
  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • Micro-machining and materials processing

Mendocino: Compact femtosecond fiber laser series, available as both benchtop systems (FPL-0) and OEM modules (FPL-M) with up to 350 mW average power, pulse widths from < 90 fs to 20 ps, and wavelengths from 780 nm to 1550 nm.

Carmel X: Compact high power, > 1 W average power at 780 nm, < 90 fs, ultrafast fiber lasers that incorporate both a Mendocino seed laser and a Coronado amplifier.

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