With 30 µJ pulse energy, 370 fs pulse width, a M2<1.1, and tunable PRF and pulse width, the Cazadero offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to solid state laser amplifiers for biomedical, scientific, and research applications.

Bodega – Femtosecond Optical Parametric Amplifier (FLOPA)

Cazadero Femtosecond Laser

The Bodega FLOPA extends the wavelength capabilities of our successful, robust fiber laser-based chirped pulse amplifier platform. The Bodega integrates an optical parametric amplifier with the high energy ultrafast fiber laser to provide sub 200 fs, > 200 nJ output pulses at either 1300 nm or 1700 nm with MHz repetition rates and outstanding beam quality. Since these wavelengths have low water absorption and low scattering properties, they are ideal for deep tissue penetration and three-photon brain imaging. Furthermore, the pulse width, pulse energy, and repetition rate constitute a sweet spot for nonlinear imaging applications: the pulse energy is higher than that from legacy Ti:sapphire/OPO oscillators at repetition rates higher than Ti:sapphire amplifier/OPA systems. The net result is the perfect combination for optimum signal levels and imaging speed without excessive sample heating.

The Bodega FLOPA is based upon Calmar’s time-proven, passively mode-locked fiber-based femtosecond laser oscillator, with a proprietary chirped pulse fiber amplifier which provides superior performance, and a more cost-effective robust design to conventional Ti:sapphire based OPA systems. A fully air-cooled architecture and intuitive GUI ensure simple turn-key operation without the need for any alignment.

Model Number FLOPA-02O ¹ FLOPA-02W ¹ FLOPA-02OU or FLOPA-02WU ²
Minimum Pulse Width³
< 0.20
< 0.20
< 0.35
Central Wavelength (nm)
1030 +/- 5
Average Power (W)
Repetition Rate (MHz)
0.1 - 27
Pulse Energy (nJ)
Polarization Extinction Ratio
> 100:1
Output Beam
Free space, diameter ~ 2 mm, M2<1.2
Operating Temp (°C)
17 ~ 32
Operating Voltage (VAC)
85 ~ 264

¹ The OPA output wavelength is set at the factory and needs to be specified at the time of purchase.
² The optional 1030 nm pump beam is also available from a separate port, switchable with the OPA output. This option should be specified at the time of purchase.
³ A sech² pulse shape (deconvolution factor of 0.65) is used to determine the pulse width from the second harmonic autocorrelation trace.
Due to our continuous improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice

Mendocino: High Power Femtosecond Fiber Laser Bench Top FPL-05 has higher repetition rate and 1 to 5 Watt output at 1.0 or 1.5 µm wavelengths.

Carmel: compact fiber lasers offer > 500 mW average power @780 nm, < 100fs typical pulse width, and 50 MHz repetition rate in an ultra-compact package.

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