OEM Integration

Today, Calmar Laser is annually delivering OEM femtosecond fiber laser modules and systems to customers.

Excellent manufacturability of our designs guarantees the volume production capability and unmatched product quality and reliability. Most of the OEM modules we deliver are used as a seed laser for high quality, high reliability femtosecond pulses in our customer laser systems. The output pulses of the seed laser are further manipulated by our customers, such as being stretched, amplified and compressed to obtain the required output.

High Quality Ultra Short Pulsed Seed Laser

High quality ultrafast pulse stream is imperative for many applications such as high-precision micro machining, laser surgical operation, two-photon microscopy, terahertz radiation characterization of materials, testing and measurement and many other applications. To obtain high quality pulse stream, the most important step is to obtain a perfect seed laser with required features such as low pedestal, transform-limited pulse shape, low timing jitter etc. See our Mendocino line of femtosecond seed lasers, such as the modules FPL-M

High Energy Laser for OEM

Many material and surgery applications need a higher energy pulse. Calmar Laser’s Fiber Laser based Chirped Pulse Amplifier (FLCPA) is ideal for such uses. Up to 10 µJ of short pulse energy is delivered into free space at a repetition rate up to 100s of kHz.
See our Cazadero line of femtosecond high energy lasers.