Terahertz Radiation

Terahertz radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum with frequency ranging from 0.1 – 10 THz and wavelengths from 3 mm to 0.03 mm. Terahertz has the potential to be applied to many applications including: on-line non-destructive testing for quality control of products and packaging for Industrial markets; weapons and explosives detection for Homeland Security and Defense markets; topical imaging for the Medical market; quality control of external skins on space vehicles for the Aerospace and Military markets and many more.

Terahertz is the last unexplored area of the electromagnetic spectrum due to the difficulty in generating and detecting THz. Calmar’s compact, reliable high power, high quality and low cost femtosecond fiber lasers are an enabling source to be used as a radiation generator, which make a Terahertz system an affordable and practical tool.

Generation of switching in semiconductors is often performed with short pulse lasers such as the Mendocino. This laser is also available in module form for OEM use.


Cutting, machining, and probing of small structures using nonlinear effects of fast high energy femtosecond pulses. Suggested lasers are Cazdero and the Mendocino FPL-05.

Spectral Comb

Used as frequency standard in metrology. Mendocino and Eureka are good lasers to generate strong frequency combs.

Seed for Higher Power Laser

For high energy pulses, use our Mendocino line, for higher frequency and power, use our Eureka line.