With 20 µJ pulse energy, 370 fs pulse width, a M2<1.1, and tunable PRF and pulse width, the Cazadero offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to solid state laser amplifiers for biomedical, scientific, and research applications.

Advanced Products

Narrow Spectrum Bandwidth Fiber Based Ultrafast Laser – Passive Mode-locking

The C-band and 1 µm narrow spectrum bandwidth ultrafast laser (FPLNB) is a passively mode-locked fiber laser that utilizes a saturable absorber to deliver a narrow spectral bandwidth of less than 0.2 nm. The FPLNB laser has excellent stability and reliability with turnkey operation. The wavelength is factory selectable throughout C-band or 1 µm band. The pulse width can be from 10 ps up to 100 ps with near transform-limited pulse shape and a better than -20 dB pedestal. The timing jitter is as low as 100 fs. The repetition rate can be specified from 10 to 100 MHz with either a polarization-maintaining (PM) or non-PM fiber output. With up to 100 mW output power, the FPLNB series is an ideal narrow bandwidth source for seeding applications. An RF synchronization output is provided as a trigger signal. A 780 nm band option is also available.

Bit Rate Multiplier

The Bit Rate Multiplier (BRM) is a passive device to increase the repetition rate of an input optical clock by 2, 4, 8, and 16 times. It splits the input pulse into two identical images, and sends them to a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. One leg of the interferometer has variable pulse delay and amplitude equalization, while the other leg has fixed bit pattern delay. Bit pattern delay ensures that the output is a pseudo-random bit sequence (PRBS) when the input signal is PRBS. After recombination, the repetition rate is twice the input rate. By cascading up to four stages, the bit rate can be multiplied 16 fold. In conjunction with Calmar’s fiber based picosecond lasers, pulse streams of 20, 40, 50, 80, 100, 160, 200, 320GHz and beyond can be generated. With its all PM configuration, neither a pre- nor post- multiplication polarization controller is needed. As a result, all channels get the same linear polarization status automatically. The proprietary design of precise attenuation compensation enables amplitude equalization for all channels. A tunable optical delay of greater than 200 ps provides end users a very wide range of input bit rates. The BRM is very easy to operate with ps laser sources from different vendors and the output after multiplication is very stable. The optional temperature controller further enhances the output stability for different environmental conditions.

Pulse Compressor

The pulse compressor (PCS) consists of a fiber amplifier unit and a pulse compressor unit. It has excellent stability and reliability with turnkey operation. Along with a portable design, our advanced simulation software enables us to design the PCS according to the end user’s ultrafast laser specification. The pulse width can be compressed from 3 ps to 300 fs with a minimal pedestal. The compressed pulse is near transform-limited of near soliton-like shape. An average output greater than 100 mW is achieved with the built-in amplifier. The PCS can also be used as a standalone Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) when pulse compression is not required.

Product Rep Rate Pulse width Optical Output Power
FPLNB 30 MHz 20 ps 100 mW
Bit Rate Multiplier (BRM) Up to 320 GHz 0.8 ~ 15 ps -5 dB/double
PCS 5 GHZ ~ 45 GHz Input: 1.5 ~ 3 ps
Output: 0.3 ps
100 mW

The BRM is used with the Eureka line.

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