Carmel - Compact Fiber Based Femtosecond Laser (CFL)

Multiphoton Microscopy Femtosecond Laser

The Carmel F-1350 represents the first in a new series of fiber-delivered, femtosecond fiber lasers with output powers of over 100 mW and pulse widths of less than 200 fs. The system utilizes the same building blocks used in the industry-leading Carmel X-series but with the convenience of a fiber-delivered output.

It is the first all fiber-based femtosecond source specifically designed for easy integration into OEM microscope and metrology systems used in the test and characterization of integrated circuits. The Carmel F-1350 provides the perfect two-photon optical probe for high-resolution transient current injection used in the testing and failure analysis of silicon integrated-circuits, as well a wide range of other applications such as telecom component testing, optical metrology, photodetector characterization, multiphoton microscopy, etc.

Model Number F-1350
Central Wavelength (nm) 1347 ± 10
Pulse Width (fs) < 200
Average Power (mW) 100
Pulse Energy (nJ) > 2
Nominal Repetition Rate (MHz) 55
Polarization Extinction Ratio (dB) > 20
Cooling Air cooled
Laser Head Dimensions (cm) 48(w)x50(d)x18(h)

Due to our continuous improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice

Mendocino 1310 nm Femtosecond fiber seed lasers with:

  • < 0.3 ps pulse width
  • > 0.5 mW output power

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